What Is Sculptra Used For? 6 Reasons to Consider Treatment

What Is Sculptra Used For 6 Reasons to Consider Treatment

Sculptra allows us to keep up with the stress of aging and battle it out. Let’s face it – the aging process can catch up to us as much as we don’t want it to catch us up. We begin losing our natural Collagen and elastin that gives our skin that desirable youthful glow and bounce, then facial lines and wrinkles start to develop. A unique dermal filler called Sculptra can now soften those unwanted lines and wrinkles, helping restore the contours of our face.

However, Sculptra does more than your average filler can do – “fill the face.” It contributes to stimulating collagen production, helping the skin renew itself naturally. Expect results that develop gradually; your look becomes wholly natural and can last much longer than other injectables. This dermal filler is unique like no other. Let’s turn back the clock and let this injectable treatment do its magic. Let’s learn more about Sculptra and some reasons to consider this treatment.

What is Sculptra? How Does It Work?

Sculptra is one of the newest injectables available in the market today. It is used against wrinkles and sagging skin by stimulating the skin’s collagen production, helping restore that cheeky plumpness of your healthy skin. It is another option for anti-aging treatment such as injectables, fat injections, skin creams, and implants.

As an essential structural protein found in our connective tissues, Collagen keeps our skin feeling firm and smooth and looking youthful; as we get older, our body’s collagen production decreases, and we may start seeing wrinkles or sagging. Fat loss underneath our skin can also result in skin drooping, cheeks looking hollowed, unwanted indentations, and depressions in our faces.

Sculptra helps stimulate your skin in regrowing Collagen in its natural way over time; it also helps correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds that will result in much firmer, younger-looking skin. 

It is essential to remember that Sculptra is a simple collagen stimulator. The procedure itself will NOT provide the filling action; instead, it will cause a reaction in your skin, forming new Collagen. Sculptra itself gets absorbed by your tissue and will be gone about two (2) years after treatment. However, the new collagen layer it left behind may last for more than two (2) or more years. That’s why Sculptra will need a series of treatments for you to achieve that adequate filling you’ll need for most skin defects.

Six (6) Reasons Why You Need to Consider Sculptra

From its low-maintenance treatment schedule, down to its ability to comprehensively rejuvenate the face, here’s why Sculptra is so popular and why you should consider it yourself:

#1 It provides all-natural results.

Many patients are provided with a series of four (4) Sculptra injections, in general, throughout a couple of weeks. These injections are performed differently in various directions, creating that mesh-like pattern beneath the skin. This concept means that once a filler is in place, it offers thorough coverage and serves as one of the foundations upon which the new set of collagens can begin developing.

Collagen development will surely take some time. It may take several months before improvements in the face start to manifest and take hold fully. But those gradual onset results will still give patients results that look of a more natural and less over-filled appearance. You’ll never look like you suddenly went from a newbie to someone who “had work done.”

#2 It is a low-maintenance alternative.

Sculptra involves some initial series of treatments, every one of which can be done in no more than an hour and requires no downtime at all. A lot of patients even schedule their appointments during their lunch break. How cool is that?

Once you’re done with the initial set of injections, you’ll be good and get back on track. Your treatment is good for two years, and you won’t have to worry about coming back after a couple of months for maintenance treatments or top-offs. You won’t need to give this great filler another thought.

#3 Its improvements are long-lasting.

Because Sculptra essentially rebuilds all the face’s underlying infrastructure through new collagen generation, this filler offers the best results that last much longer than most of the injectables available now. People usually enjoy the results for the next two (2) years or more. Even after deciding not to repeat this treatment, you’ll still battle out the aging process like a pro because of the additional Collagen you might have created from that other fluid facelift.

#4 It is a very comprehensive form of rejuvenation.

By spurring the collagen production, Sculptra works in repairing that underlying scaffolding of your face, offering a host of cosmetic benefits. After doing its work, this dermal filler’s effects of added face fullness ease out the appearance of unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, and folds.

Bony areas of the face, like the cheekbones, sometimes develop more prominently because the skin around it thins as we age and eventually gets softened. Sculptra can also start adding plumpness to the face areas that become very shallow over time, like on the temple.

Restoring some youthful contours and you can broadly improve thickening already-thinning skin in the face with Sculptra. This dermal filler is sometimes called a “liquid facelift” due to the non-invasive lifting and revitalization it can offer.

#5 It Can Lift Your Butt

Sculptra is most commonly utilized in enhancing the face and reversing the signs of aging. But did you know that this injectable can also be injected and perk up your buttocks? It works much the same way in the buttocks as in the face. After treatment, it generates collagen production, lifting and toning the derriere over the next couple of months.

#6 Your allergies will become a thing of the past.

Loads of other fillers on the market have hyaluronic acid, a compound that retains moisture and helps keep the skin hydrated. Sculptra contains a substance that’s used in dissolvable sutures, Poly-L-Lactic Acid.

This great dermal filler holds no risk of any allergic reactions and does not even require allergy testing since Poly-L-Lactic Acid is synthetic. Once it’s done its magic of jump-starting new collagen development, the Poly-L-Lactic Acid naturally fades and gets removed from the body.

Final Thoughts on Sculptra

Sculptra is the breakthrough in looking and feeling young once again. Learn more about this excellent dermal filler through your doctor or healthcare provider. End all facial lines and wrinkles with Sculptra and say hello to a newer you – fresher and younger-looking.

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