How Do You Eliminate Double Chin with Chin-Sculpting Treatment?

How Do You Eliminate Double Chin with Chin-Sculpting Treatment

Chin-Sculpting is among the patented non-surgical sculpting techniques used in reducing fat in the chin area, more commonly known as a ‘double chin.’  Experts created this fat-reducing procedure to help address stubborn fat that is not responsive to diet and exercise, such as the chin. People have patronized this procedure, gaining quite the popularity of its counterparts. But how does this well-known treatment eliminate the dreaded double chin we all don’t want to have prominent on our faces. Let’s learn more.

What is Chin-Sculpting?

As its name suggests, Chin-Sculpting is a popular cosmetic procedure targeting the chin, specifically the stubborn fat in it. It is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment involving no anesthesia, needles, or even incisions. Chin-Sculpting is based on the principle of sculpting one face, ridding it of subcutaneous fat to the point that these fat cells are destroyed during the process. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat found beneath the skin and gets absorbed by the body afterward.

This fat-reducing treatment is also recommended in treating those who have already reached an ideal weight but not as a measure of weight loss.

How Does It Work?

Chin-Sculpting is based on different sciences on eliminating or ‘sculpting’ fat. Famous procedures such as dermal fillers, neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, and even Sculptra contributed to the practice now known as Chin-Sculpting. By extracting layers of stubborn fat within one’s chin, this process sculpts fat cells. 

However, this gradual treatment leaves surrounding nerves, muscles, and other tissues unscathed and unaffected. After this treatment, digested fat cells are naturally sent off towards the lymphatic system and filtered out as a form of waste over the next several months.

Procedure for Chin-Sculpting

At Go Flawless Now, we use EVOKE by inmode for chin and face sculpting. It is the latest radiofrequency technology to reduce fat and tighten the skin in the jowls and chin.

Trained doctors and healthcare providers usually administer this fat-reducing procedure with the help of a handheld applicator.

During the Chin-Sculpting treatment, practitioners place gel applicators towards the chin. Then, the applicator delivers a controlled sensation that targets the fat, eliminating it and tightening the skin. It is considered a sculpting method because practitioners can freely shape and form the fat cells in the chin.

You may experience some sensations of warmth. This procedure involves minimal to no pain at all. Your practitioner usually massages the treated chin area immediately after the procedure. This step breaks up any clumps of deep fat tissues that can remain immobile. It helps the body to start absorbing the destroyed fat cells. However, others claim that this massage is somewhat uncomfortable.

The Chin-Sculpting treatment usually takes around 35 minutes. People can relax during this process by listening to music or reading while the procedure commences.

What to Expect after Chin-Sculpting

The Chin-Sculpting procedure has no recovery time. Patients can already resume their routine activity right after the procedure. In some instances, minor redness or soreness may be experienced and become noticeable on the chin. But not to worry – this after-effect typically subsides only a few weeks.

Results in the chin area may become noticeable within three (3) weeks after the Chin-Sculpting procedure. Typical results are fully achieved in the next two (2) or three (3) months, and As a matter of fact, the fat-flushing process continues for up to six (6) months after receiving your initial treatment.

Keep in mind that Chin-Sculpting is not an obesity treatment. It shouldn’t replace any healthy lifestyle you might already have. Continue eating a healthy diet and regular exercise regularly, which is crucial in maintaining results.

Preparing for Chin-Sculpting

Chin-Sculpting doesn’t need much preparation. However, you should ensure that your body is healthy, with no complications that can hinder the procedure and its eventual results. As a start, those who are very overweight or obese are not ideal candidates. Ideal candidates need to be fit and healthy.

Even though bruising from the applicator suctions is common after Chin-Sculpting, it is always best to avoid anti-inflammatories like aspirin before your procedure. This substance may contribute more to the bruising that may occur.

Any Potential Risks or Side effects?

Chin-Sculpting has been among the cleared procedures by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA. The applicator used for this treatment may feel a bit uneasy against your chin and can cause numbness. However, you shouldn’t feel any pain from this procedure.

Discomfort may happen during the procedure if you are sensitive to cold temperatures. Other typical side effects during the Chin-Sculpting procedure may include:

  • pulling
  • stinging
  • tingling

All after-effects should subside once the treatment area becomes numb. Some side effects after this procedure are typical since the body continues to reduce fat cells for the next couple of weeks. Symptoms may include:

  • achiness
  • pain and tingling sensations
  • swelling
  • tenderness

The chin and neck area can also become prone to feelings of fullness in the throat area. One rare but severe side effect is paradox adipose hyperplasia, which happens when fat cells regenerate months after undergoing the Chin-Sculpting treatment. For the chin, this rare after-effect could mean that the fat around the chin could potentially reappear.

Other Important Factors


  • FDA-approved procedure in 2012.
  • Non-invasive and doesn’t require anesthesia.
  • Over 6,000,000 procedures have been done around the world to date.
  • Temporary after-effects, which should go away within a few days following treatment, may include swelling, bruising, and sensitivity.
  • It may not be suitable for you if you have a history of Raynaud’s disease or have severe cold temperature sensitivity.


  • This treatment takes about 35 minutes for the chin.
  • Minimal recovery time allows you to resume your regular day-to-day routine almost immediately after the procedure is done.
  • Available through plastic surgeons, physicians, or healthcare providers trained in Chin-Sculpting.


  • 20-80% average results show the reduction of fat after only a single procedure in the chin area and have an expected percentage in the lower end of the said range.
  • Around 82% of those who underwent the Chin-Sculpting treatment recommend it to a friend.

Final Thoughts on Chin-Sculpting Treatments

Chin-Sculpting is today’s modern approach toward stubborn fat reduction found in the chin area. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider to know if this treatment suits you. If so, then prepare to have your ‘double chin’ eliminated once and for all.

Do you want to experience Chin-Sculpting? Our amazing friends at Go Flawless Now Medical Aesthetics can help you. Visit them now!


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