Dermal Fillers – The Good and Bad All You Need To Know About It

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Our bodies significantly change when we start aging, and our bodies aren’t as productive as before. Wrinkles, fine lines, and crow feet appear and become more apparent. If you are unhappy with aging, perhaps it’s time for you to use dermal fillers injectables to minimize or reduce them. Signs of aging are completely normal, and it occurs because we are slowly losing subcutaneous fat and collagen in our skin. Over time, the skin in our face and bodies start to thin, loosen, and droop downwards. It makes our faces to sag, and we develop wrinkles, fine lines, and overall dullness of skin. 

Proper diet, exercise, and other skincare practices can slow signs of aging, but they will still appear. To minimize signs of aging, you need dermal fillers to support the loss of fat and collagen. There are different dermal fillers, but they generally act and are administered the same way. Before selecting any of these, it’s essential that you first understand what the process entails or how the medical procedure works. You also need to know the good perks and their bad perks. We will explain all you need to know about dermal fillers before going into a doctor’s office. 

Dermal Fillers Is Not Botox

Before I explain away what dermal fillers are, it’s important first to clarify that dermal fillers are not Botox treatments. Botox and dermal fillers can both remove wrinkles and make you look younger. Likewise, they are both injectables. However, these are their only similarities. Dermal fillers make your skin plump, but Botox paralyzes the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Their effects are very different from each other. 

What Are Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are skin care treatments that temporarily fade wrinkles and fine lines on your face, hands, and at the same time, make your skin look fuller, so less drooping down. They are a gel-like substance injected into your skin. Due to its non-invasive nature, dermal fillers are increasingly replacing surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation. When appropriately applied, it will significantly remove signs of aging, making the patient look much younger. That’s why more and more people are using the treatment to appear more youthful. 

Different fillers have their own purposes, each having pros and cons. The cons of dermal fillers can be significantly be reduced if handled by professionals and a sterile tool. 

Different Types Of Dermal Fillers

FDA has approved the following fillers for use in face, hands, and lips:

  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite: This is a natural mineral-like compound found in our bones, and it’s used against creases, enhances fullness, and increases the volume of your skin. The brand name is Radiesse.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Injections with Hyaluronic acid effectively improve skin contour and reduce lines, acne scars, and cheek depression. This formula is found in brand names such as Captique, Esthélis, Elevess, Hylaform, and Juvederm.
  • Polyalkylimide: Polyalkylimide is a semi-permanent filler frequently used by plastic surgeons to enhance cheekbones, plump thin lips, and treat deep wrinkles. Only one brand Aquamid uses this formula. 
  • Polymethyl-methacrylate Microspheres: This dermal filler is considered semi-permanent, and it is used for deep wrinkles, furrows, and particularly nasolabial folds. Only Bellafil uses polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres in their formula. 
  • Polylactic Acid: Polylactic acid is a synthetic dermal filler that stimulates your skin to enhance collagen production, so results are slower, but its effects are more lasting. The result is overall youthful skin. Only the Sculpta bran uses polylactic acid. 

How Will You Know Which Dermal Fillers Are Best For You?

The quick answer is you don’t unless you are a skin expert yourself, but otherwise, it isn’t easy. You need a good doctor who can point out to you which of these dermal fillers suit your needs. As you’ve read in the list above, there are many types and brands of dermal fillers. Some of these dermal fillers play specific roles. For example, some dermal fillers are applicable for the face, but not the hands. For one dermal filler treatment, you might need several kinds of dermal filler for specific purposes. It’s hard to find out which ones are suitable for you, but what you can do is find a good doctor that will point it out for you. 

Practice Caution

Before you engage in any dermal filler treatments, make sure to ask your provider or doctor for some before and after photos. Likewise, research and check online whether some people once experienced that clinic and ask them about their experience. If that’s not possible, check some reviews online. Every provider has their own practices, philosophies, or levels of experience. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and ask for their certifications. Finally, do your part by communicating properly. Ask what the possible realistic results are. Do not hold back since it’s your body after all. 

Finally, here are the good sides and the bad sides.

Bad Side

Potential Abuse

If you are not careful in choosing the right provider, they can mislead you into using dermal fillers in areas that aren’t meant for that. FDA has only approved face, hands, and lips, and other places are a no-go. 


Dermal fillers are effective, but they are pretty expensive. If you found a cheap option, be very sure of their legitimacy. The cheaper they are, the sketchier they are. 

Not Permanent

Nothing is permanent, and the same goes for your dermal filler treatment. Most dermal fillers will last you six to eighteen months, but the average life span is one year. 

Side Effects

Although a non-invasive treatment, there is always a possibility that it can go wrong. You can experience bruising, swelling, redness, or irritation. 

The Good


A dermal filler treatment is a simple injection with no incisions or surgery. 

No Pain

It’s simply an injection, so the pain is very minimal. Also, to ensure that you are comfortable, you can ask for anesthesia or numbing creams if you want. 

Easy To Remove

If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can remove the dermal fillers, but it will take another injection with the removal solution in it. 

Restore A Young Look

Your skin will appear more youthful thanks to restoring collagen growth and making the skin plump again. 

Little Downtime

It’s a non-invasive procedure, so you can go back to your daily routine as soon you are out of the office or clinic. 


Dermal fillers are one of the easiest ways to achieve a youthful look once again. If you are considering finding a good clinic, check out Go Flawless Now, and they ensure that you receive the best services, advice, and the best for your needs. 


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